Friday, October 17, 2008

iPhone apps that make cycling adventures better

As you can tell, I love my iPhone and now that there are custom apps you can do all kinds of neat stuff. Besides having the ability to take calls and snap photos, the apps bring real power to this phone.
Here are some of my favorite ride supporting apps:

This app collects GPS information and has 4 main components. 1. A dashboard that is customizable where you can see things like: Average Speed, Altitude, Bearing
2. Ability to record tracks so that you can publish a journey.
3. A waymark recording screen to save a location.
4. A map view.

This is the official app from GroundSpeak. Makes it easy to look for caches nearby.

This is an app to calculate your nearest Geohash locations and map them.

There is more accurate weather forecast info on Weather Underground but WeatherBug makes checking the rain and wind so easy.

This is a great app that allows you to record 'stuff' like pictures, text and voice notes. When making a note from the iPhone, it adds your location to the note.

October Geocycling

It has been an while... I will try harder to maintain a posting rate. With working out of town and having this site blocked by work and being busy while I am home and finding time to ride, it is not easy carving out time to write posts.

In the last couple months there has been a few things occurring:
  • July was such a month of miles and personal bests that I started to burn out and loose motivation.
  • August was busy with swimming and other activities that got in the way.
  • I was able to upgrade my iPhone to a 3G in a cost positive way.
  • Which led to Geocaching as a new hobby, since I now have a GPS on my phone.

The result is that I am riding fewer miles and going much slower but with many new distractions to the rides. I incorporate geocaching with riding and am also doing cycloharvesting. That is my name for riding along and finding fruit trees along the roadsides. This year there is a lot of fruit and it has a better flavor and quality than years past. With the iPhone, i can take waymarks of good trees and am building a Google myMap of these.
Suprisingly, or not, my enjoyment of riding has increased with these extra activities.

One ride this week reached the sublime. I did a 45 mile ride out Bunker Creek and Lincoln Creek on Monday and then Tuesday I thought that I would, 'take it easy' and just fill in local caches.
The route ended up being 33 miles and including a leg up to Connor Rd in Thurston County to get a cache at Mary A Cogdil's gravesite.
Some other finds along the way were an antique anti-aircraft searchlight and another antique glass insulator for my collection.