Friday, October 17, 2008

October Geocycling

It has been an while... I will try harder to maintain a posting rate. With working out of town and having this site blocked by work and being busy while I am home and finding time to ride, it is not easy carving out time to write posts.

In the last couple months there has been a few things occurring:
  • July was such a month of miles and personal bests that I started to burn out and loose motivation.
  • August was busy with swimming and other activities that got in the way.
  • I was able to upgrade my iPhone to a 3G in a cost positive way.
  • Which led to Geocaching as a new hobby, since I now have a GPS on my phone.

The result is that I am riding fewer miles and going much slower but with many new distractions to the rides. I incorporate geocaching with riding and am also doing cycloharvesting. That is my name for riding along and finding fruit trees along the roadsides. This year there is a lot of fruit and it has a better flavor and quality than years past. With the iPhone, i can take waymarks of good trees and am building a Google myMap of these.
Suprisingly, or not, my enjoyment of riding has increased with these extra activities.

One ride this week reached the sublime. I did a 45 mile ride out Bunker Creek and Lincoln Creek on Monday and then Tuesday I thought that I would, 'take it easy' and just fill in local caches.
The route ended up being 33 miles and including a leg up to Connor Rd in Thurston County to get a cache at Mary A Cogdil's gravesite.
Some other finds along the way were an antique anti-aircraft searchlight and another antique glass insulator for my collection.

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