Monday, January 26, 2009

2008 Recap

I finished 2008 with a whimper. My goal of 5,000 miles was not met, I rode 4473.93 which I should still be proud of. I also learned that I need to be careful of burnout.
Mile goals for 2009:
  • 3600 annual miles
  • more miles on bike than car
  • 5 round trip to Portland
  • average speed does not matter
The biggest impediment to riding is finding the time to ride. During the week in Portland is the easiest time slot. There is nothing else going on and the only things in the way are work, daylight hours to some degree and weather to some degree.
My favorite ride however, are the long distance adventure rides. These are hard to schedule because the time I can do it would be on the weekends when I am at home and then they compete with family time.

A couple things on the Blogger tool. It is hard to find time to put posts on here as blogging also competes with family time. Work blocks access and I don't have a computer in Portland. Typing up posts on an iPhone is too much of a chore. Maybe someday the iPhone will support a Bluetooth keyboard. To make matters worse, sometimes Blogger will decide not to save anymore and my post will be lost. I need to work on using the email posting method to get them into the blog.

At this point I have only done the Chehalis to Lacey route from home and commuter miles in Portland for '09.

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