Friday, April 16, 2010

Woodworking the beginning

I have got the woodworking bug of late. So it is time to start adding this topic to my neglected blog. Now for the back story.

How did I get into woodworking? A series of factors combined.
  • I grew up around wood. My dad was a contractor and my grandfather a carver. My childhood home was near the Vail Weyerhaeuser logging camp.
  • My father instilled a 'do for yourself' ethic. I have a hard time hiring someone to do work that I feel like I might be able to do it.
  • My 100 year old house is in need of a kitchen makeover
Combine all of these with the inheritance of many tools and the idea to make my own custom cabinets came easy. I created a plan to learn how to make cabinets, acquire the tools and practice the skills.
Upon opening up this door to woodworking, I could not leave it at just cabinets though. Shannon Rogers from The Renaissance Woodworker refers to himself as an ADD Woodworking, where he wants to try and do every aspect of woodworking. I would say that would refer to me as well.

The net is full of information on on the topic. Combine that with podcasts, magazines, books, DVDs and TV Shows and I have spent many many hours studying.

At this point my practical experience is low. Just when I was really getting going, I broke a bone in my hand while roller skating. Oopsie-doodle! I have one furniture project under my belt (which I will post as a separate article).

For this reason, I thought it would be good to chronicle someone as they really embark on the journey. I will try and post my learning, shop outfitting, successes, failures and projects.

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