Friday, May 23, 2008

About My Commute

I have a somewhat unusual commute. I live in Chehalis, WA but work in Gresham, OR, a distance of over 90 miles. I do it car free this way:
I rent an apartment only 1.2 miles from where I work. I travel from my house to my apartment by Amtrak most of the way and the rest by bicycle.
The Amtrak station is 12 miles from my apartment. After work on Thursday, I load up the panniers and pedal to a bike locker I rent from the City of Portland. There I transfer a pannier to a rolling cart that i picked up at Goodwill.
On Sunday afternoon I do the reverse.

The cycling implications are that I have Portland bikes and a Chehalis bike.

When I ride into the office and back the the apartment M-Thur, I can do it in 5 minutes. This means I can show up in my work clothes not sweaty, no showering or changing at work. Though, fortunately, I do have that option. Work has bike lockers and showers.

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