Friday, May 9, 2008

The day before my 1st Century

I am excited and eager to begin. The ride I am doing is the Lewis County Historical Ride.
I have read many blogs and sites about how to do a long ride and what to bring. I also have a co-worker who has ridden several.
My preparation has been about 7 months.
I have been cycling all winter and doing longer and longer rides. During the week I usually do 2 27 mile days and on the weekend I am now riding 40 mile+ rides.
Two weeks ago, I rode a 100k (63 miles) to Yelm and back and completed the ride in 4:45 clock time and rode it in 4:21. My goal for the ride tomorrow is 8 hours or less of riding and 10 hours or less of clock time.
I feel strong and my bike is ready.
I called the ride organizer and I can go down at 7:00 AM and after completing registration, I can start the ride. One really cool thing is the ride begins at Stan Hedwall Park which is less than 2 miles from my house. I can ride to the ride.

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