Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Road Kill Money

That is what I call all of the change that is laying in the road.
I have made a game of picking this stuff up as I come across it. My year to date total is $10.98.

I pick it up for several reasons:
  • I am helping put it back in circulation
  • It adds another layer of interest to every ride
  • Self-challenges like this are fun
  • It increases attentiveness to objects in your path. To avoid crashes and flats
  • Spending it is fun, some of the money is so battered that it makes the cashier look at it closely.
  • The most interesting though is the internal conflicts that arise. Do I want people to see me stoop for a penny? I am riding in a good rhythm, do I want to break it for a nickel? Was that gum or a quarter, is it worth turning around to see?

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